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             In the modern scientific development and industrial production, a lot of important equipment and the spare parts work in the adverse conditions. For example, for the metal parts worked in the condition of high speed, high temperature, high pressure and heavy loading, the destroying in the form of abrasion, cauterization, oxidation and so on will aggravate. Thus, the wearability is one of the limits in developing the production and reducing the cost. According to the authoritative statistics, among the disabled metal mechanical accessories and parts, 75% of them are the abrasion of metal. Besides, the abrasion of metal would also decrease the running efficiency of mechanical equipment. To change the work-pieces or to repair frequently will increase the consumption of energy. The destroying of iron and steel because of friction and abrasion usually begins from the surface. So taking the protective ways to delay and control the surface destroying is the efficient method to solve the problem of abrasion, which promotes the generating of various technologies on surface anti-abrasion engineering, and makes the technologies of cladding, hot diffusion coating, hot spray painting, welding, membrane plating, high-energy beam and others develop rapidly. The surface wearable materials made with the above technologies, permanganate, high chromium, rare-earth wearable cast iron (steel), cast stone, stickup ceramic and other wearable materials make up a big family of wearable materials. Now, they all have their own merits. Each shows its special prowess and helps to developing the science & technology and the industrial production. However, each has its own shortages. The cast iron (cast steel) has the basic capability of cast iron typed products, but the hardness, intensity and toughness are quite weak, and the wearability is not enough. The cast-stone materials have a certain wearability, and the price is comparatively low, while they are too heavy. Besides, their anti-striking capability is a little bit weak. It’s easy to happen the accidents because of the destroyed inside stress. And you can’t cut or weld them at the spot when installing and repairing; The hard face of wearable layer formed by hot spray painting, welding or stickup ceramic has the good wearability and wide application scope. But the combining intensity with matrix is a little weak so that it’s easy to lose the function of anti-abrasion because of the dropped wearable layer; Wearable plating membrane’s and high-energy beam’s wearable layer can be used widely. But the wearable layer is too thin and the expense is too high. In the above circumstances, many users of wearable materials do hope to research and manufacture a kind of advanced but economic wearable material. Their technical requirements have been concluded into five items: The wearability of new wearable material has to be greatly better than the general one; The new wearable material has to be light but not too thin; The new wearable material has to have the merits of high intensity, hardness, toughness and anti-tire capacity; The new wearable material’s wearable layer can drop or crack when use so as to prevent the invalidation of anti-abrasion; The price of the new wearable material has to be widely accepted in the engineering industry. Among the present wearable materials, the one that can meet all the above requirements is few. However, WCSP can do it: The wearability of WCSP is high, usually 4-15 times higher than hardening tool steel; The thickness of WCSP matrix can change between 8-20mm according to users’ requirement. The thickness of wearable layer between 1-2mm can make WCSP work in the hard-abrasion conditions for a long time; WCSP is hard outside while tough inside. It has the merits of high hardness, intensity, toughness and anti-tire capacity; The main wearable layer is combined with steel matrix by metallurgy, which has the gradient changing without macro-interface so that it won’t drop or crack when use, especially in the working conditions with impulse abrasion; The capability price ratio of WCSP is high. Therefore, WCSP is warmly welcomed in the industries of metallurgy, electric power, building materials, petroleum, coal, chemical engineering, mechanism, light engineering and others as soon as it appears in the market. WCSP has been confirmed by the National Economic & Business Commission as “the National Advanced Products”. The manufacturing technique of WCSP has been applied for the national invention patent. This technology has passed the provincial appraising organized by the Science & Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, the checking and accepting of new-product by the Economic & Business Commission of Jiangsu Province.

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